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Andrew Shaman is a versatile writer and stand-up comedian.  Tackling everything from marriage to religion to those "pesky little" on-going wars we're stuck in, not to mention his own appearance, unusual life and lack of viable future.  His act ranges from PG family-safe material to dirty and debaucherous enough to captivate today's college crowds.  If you haven't seen him on stage, you owe it to yourself, and possibly, your country, to go see him live!  Check his schedule to see if he'll be near you soon.  And, if you like his stand-up (an even if you don't), you can't help but marvel at his telephone skills.  His ability to keep a call just within the the bounds of reason - then outside - then back in, all without losing the caller, will amaze and entertain you.  When's the last time you talked to your cable company's customer service for 78 minutes... about nothing at all?

Comedic Experience



Wiley's Comedy Nite Club

The Funny Bone

The Bad Frog

The Cavern

And more...



Jammin 106.5 FM

WTUE 104.7 FM

Lite 99 FM

The X 103.9 FM

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Comics I've Worked With:

Ron Shock

"Uncle" Dow Thomas

Mike Armstrong

Dwight York

Costaki Economopoulos

Mike Lukas

Bill Scott

Roger Naylor

Steve Caminiti

Henry Phillips

Don Reese

Troy Hammond

Lord Carrett

Kevin Naughton

And many more...


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