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Last updated November 18, 2004.


AMS_Stage_4.jpg (228629 bytes)

Andrew on stage...

AMS+JE_1.jpg (306006 bytes)

Andrew & John Evans

AMS+ML_1.jpg (376866 bytes)

Andrew lends some hair to a needy Mike Lukas

AMS+JE+ML_1.jpg (271977 bytes)

John Evans & Mike Lukas & Andrew after the show

Marquis_1.jpg (374495 bytes)

Andrew's on the bill!

AMS_Stage_2.jpg (249562 bytes)

A blurry, trippy stage moment


AMS_Stage_3.jpg (213463 bytes)

Oh, no!  Not again!

AMS+Bachelorette_1.jpg (247428 bytes)

Andrew charms the Bachelorette...

AMS+Bachelorette_2.jpg (221167 bytes)

She had to use her hands...

AMS_Stage_4.jpg (228629 bytes)

A mellow moment

AMS+BS_1.jpg (368920 bytes)

Andrew & Bill Scott

AMS+CE_1.jpg (269676 bytes)

Andrew & Brother Costaki Economopoulos after the show

AMS+CE_2.jpg (286651 bytes)

Andrew & Costaki are taken by surprise...

AMS_RS_2.jpg (458963 bytes)

Ron Shock & Andrew


AMS_RS_1.jpg (468513 bytes)

Ron Shock & a 5-foot tall non-floating Jesus...


AMS_RS_3.jpg (430871 bytes)

Ron Shock & Andrew try for a new slant on things

AMS+Jim_Breuer_1.JPG (144607 bytes)

Andrew & Jim Breuer are feeling fine!

Jimmy+Jim_Breuer.JPG (127302 bytes)

Jim Breuer says, "Yeah, I know Jimmy!"

Jim_Breuer+wileys_family1.JPG (142410 bytes)

Jim Breuer and his band & the whole damn Wiley's family!!!

ams_pauly_shore2004-07-17.jpg (268712 bytes)

Andrew & Pauley Shore hang after the show

ams_setve_iott2004-08-22.jpg (265649 bytes)

Andrew & Steve Iott

ams_henry_2004-09-06.jpg (511273 bytes)

Andrew & Henry Phillips at Jimmy & Sue's Wedding

ams_leo_dufour2004-08-26.jpg (246111 bytes)

Andrew & Leo DuFour - Leo's one funny mother!

ams_scott_angrave2004-08-26.jpg (273148 bytes)

Andrew & Scott Angrave - "I'm a very scary human being!"

ams+hc_2.JPG (273802 bytes)

Andrew & "The Hippie Chicks" (aka "U.D.'s Hottest Graduates", aka GLOC- Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy)

ams+hc_1.JPG (272304 bytes)

"Yeah, Jimmy, just keep snapping pix..." Ain't they lovely??? Victoria & the Gang.  Hey Victoria, email me!   ;^)

jim+hc_4.JPG (323583 bytes)

Jimmy with the above-mentioned Babes.

2004-10-01_ams-rh.JPG (254568 bytes)

Andrew & Richard Halacz

2004-10-01_ams-bz.JPG (277767 bytes)

Andrew & Bob Zany


2004-10-10_ams-drew_2.jpg (199140 bytes)

Andrew & Drew Hastings (or, Big Drew, Little Drew)

dave_tix-various2004_1106_170302_AMS_Lucky_The_Parrott.JPG (235999 bytes)

Andrew with "Lucky", the McCall.  She is one big bird!

dave_tix-various2004_1106_170548_Lucky_Shit_1.JPG (16002 bytes)

This is what scared me most about Lucky.  I was told she is a very healthy bird.  Looks like worms to me.

ams+haywood_banks20041030.JPG (886386 bytes)

Andrew and the incredibly talented Haywood Banks

ams+pat_godwin20041030.JPG (858075 bytes)

Andrew and Pat Godwin, "The Song Machine!"

ams+Yahn+Banks+Godwin20041030.JPG (857846 bytes)

Andrew, Todd Yahn, Heywood Banks, and Pat Godwin - the "Fab Four" of comedy

ams+dave_chappelle2004-11-27_2.JPG (874274 bytes)

Andrew and "The Man", Dave Chappelle

dave_chappelle+wileys_family20041127.JPG (871720 bytes)

Dave Chappelle & the Wiley's Family


andrew+emo_phillips2004-12-04.JPG (875522 bytes)

Andrew contorts with the legend, Emo Phillips

2004-10-10_ams-kc-1.JPG (172387 bytes)

Andrew & Kyle Cease

bz2004-10-01_jim-fun.JPG (187639 bytes)

Back off, crazy man!  She's mine!



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