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America's Youth

October 4, 2014 - Click to Listen

October 4, 2014 An Exploration of America's Youth

Join me as I talk to three young Americans, delving into the what's on the minds of America's youth.



August 12, 2014 - Click to Listen

August 21, 2014 Andrew calls 700 WLW Cincinnati, OH

Turned on the radio today, topic Ferguson, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. SO much misinformation and such a fascist viewpoint. Listened for about 4 minutes, and was dialing. About ~40 minutes on hold, then they took my call. Did I miss a few points? Yes, I sure did. They gave me more time than I thought they would, but not enough to cover everything. But somebody had to try to set them straight. This call is dedicated to everyone in Ferguson, and everyone who doesn't want to live in a police state.



August 12, 2012 - Click to Listen

The Warning Track with Andrew & Jim, Episode 2 - August 12, 2012

Reds, Phillies, Red Sox and baseball fans - don't miss this podcast! This week Andrew and Jim take an in-depth look at the Reds race for the post season, and we also break down some amazing stats that came from last Friday's Reds vs Cubs game. Then we discuss the Phillies Alumni Weekend, and you can marvel with us as we marvel with Mike Schmidt marveling at Chase Utley. SOund confusing? It's not, it's awesome! Then, we break down Bobby Vanlentine's breakdown as manager of the Red Sox.

August 5, 2012 - Click to Listen

The Warning Track with Andrew & Jim, Episode 1 - August 5, 2012

Andrew & Jimmy talk baseball. This week it's the Reds, Phillies and Red Sox. We discuss trades, managers, injuries, and so much more. Plus, we ask, and attempt to answer, that all-important question - why no baseball at the Olympics?



Henry Phillips - Click to Listen

Live From The Comedy Condo, Episode 3: With guest Henry Phillips

Andrew Shaman sits down with Henry Phillips, a hilarious comedian and extremely talented musician. We discuss the state of stand-up, his recent tour of the UK with the legendary Doug Stanhope, Henry's web-based cooking show, and so much more.

Alysia Wood - Pt. 1 - Click to Listen
Alysia Wood - Pt. 2 - Click to Listen

Live From The Comedy Condo, Episode 2: With guest Alysia Wood

Andrew Shaman sits down with Alysia Wood, and conversation ensues about ADD, drugs, barin-eating amobae, eating it on stage, and much, much more. So intense it's in two parts!

Roy Wood, Jr. - Click to Listen

Live From The Comedy Condo, Episode 1: With guest Roy Wood, Jr.

In our first episode of Live From the Comedy Condo, Andrew Shaman sits down with Roy Wood, Jr. for an indside look at what it takes to be a comedian these days, reflecting on his "Last Comic Standing" experiences, and so much more.

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