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February 28, 2005

Hello, world!  It's been a while!  Merry X-Mas, Happy New Year, and all that... been extremely busy working on new material, web sites (obviously, not this one) and some recording projects as well.  Look for more from me to you in the coming weeks.  The big excitement now are the April, 2005 dates at Wiley's - just announced - I'll be the feature act for Ron Shock (WOW!), and a featured performer on the 3rd Annual 420 show!  What a month!  But, before any of that happens, on April 2, 2005 I'll be HEADLINING (WOW again!) a show in (or near) Cincinnati - details are forthcoming, so check the "Upcoming Appearances" page often.  Keep your eyes open for more NEW audio to listen to, more pics and video to see - we'll be hammering out the updates!  Till then, take care!

-- Andrew

December 7, 2004

We miss EmoEmo, we miss you! 

December 6, 2004

Well, it's Monday, and the websites beckon updating.  So I have decided to employ coffee and writing to unscramble my brain, which was twisted by 4 consecutive nights of the legendary Emo Phillips!  He is a true genius.  He looks great and is on top of his game.  I often hear things like "Emo sees the world like nobody else," and I have to agree.  At the same time, why is it that his humor is so readily absorbable by his audiences?   It is a true oxymoron.  But at an Emo show, you can't spend much time contemplating such issues, as the next bombshell of laughter will hit way before you can log any serious time thinking about anything other than Emo and what he is saying.  His unique enunciation and addictive sounds add to the overall effect.  Trust me, I saw him for 4 nights in a row, and he had me laughing my ass off every night.  Each Emo show is different - he's got that Grateful Dead style of improvisation I love so much.  He has his arsenal of material, and draws from it where and when he needs to as dictated by his mood, the audience's mood, and the overall flow of the moment.  I love this approach to comedy.  Not only do the jokes come in a different order every show, but the actual wording of the joke often changes from night to night.  He'll flip them around to make them fit and suddenly, after 3 or 4 jokes, you have this new thing, well entity, that wasn't there at the last show, and probably won't be there for the next show, thus making room for new creations.  True magic!  I hope that made sense - what I am trying to say is that Emo is not only a brilliant joke writer, but that also he is a true master of delivery as well.  Add to all of that the fact that at most of his shows this week, audiences were treated to a special encore.  After a 10-minute intermission, Emo came back out to try out some new material for his upcoming appearance on the Conan O'Brien Show.  A rare, very cool treat.  

It was a pleasure to be entertained at his shows, and honor to share the same airspace with such a legend/genius/mysterious enigma.  Thanks, Emo!

BTW, be sure to check out Emo's newly deigned site at - it's so cool!

-- Andrew

November 27, 2004

Well, I survived the madness!  We saw the 52-million dollar dude, and he rocked!  Dave Chappelle, just shy of 9 times better than Lee Majors.  While I couldn't go to the Thanksgiving (Thursday) Night show, I made it to Friday's show.  I heard he did over an hour on Thursday, but I don't think anyone was prepared to get such an awesome, laid-back yet politically charged set that lasted just shy of 2 hours!  Dave proved it all over again - he is one funny dude, and his success couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.  I really was shocked by some of his political views.  Not cause they are wrong or offensive - I agreed with 99% of what he said.  Maybe that's what surprised me.  His views are very "head-like".  It was cool to find out (or re-affirm) that Dave is on the side of the People, and can now use his fame/wealth/influence to fight the good fight.  That is exactly what he is doing, and I have no doubt that he will continue to do so.  Thanks for a great night of entertainment, thoughts, and exchange of ideas.  Moral of the story = see Dave Chappelle live!

-- Andrew

November 18, 2004

Hey now all...been very busy on the little site here.  Pictures of Jimmy & Sue's wedding are finally up!  Also, check out the "official" bootleg audio recording of their ceremony.  Jim's father got ordained for 1 week and/or 5 weddings... something like that.  He did a great job, it being his first time and all...

Also - Victoria, finally got those snapshots up!  BTW, Vicki, this page is dedicated to you since you are the only human who has ever even vaguely alluded to reading it.  Maybe I'll start each entry with "Dear Victoria," from now on.  Drop me an email sometime. 

Also, a cool little page inspired by the rapidity with which Wiley's sold out the upcoming 2 Dave Chappelle shows.  It features photographs, videos and words to tell the story.  I'm exploring my "documentarian" side, which leads me to the next little thing...

We have just 2 more Field Production Classes to complete, and we will be fully-trained members of DATV.  So, watch out for some "shows" coming after the first of the year.  "Time to "Bake" With Andrew & Jim" promises to be a big hit.  Me and Jimmy doing a cooking show.  Now, that's funny.  Andria will be putting together a couple of little things we've been tossing around for a while now.  Suffice it to say, if you're up late watching crappy cable, you might see one of our shows sometime soon.

Welp, guys, it's 4:40am, so I'm gonna go and finish watching this "Happy Days" episode, before giving in to my sleep addiction (seems like I do it every day now).  It's an old episode - the Fonz has that blue, not-leather jacket on.  Silly.  

See ya tomorrow at 5:37pm.


November 3, 2004

Well, we have a new president!  Or, actually, and old president.   It took 4 years, but I think George Jr. may have really been elected this time around.  Not my preference, but oh well...  Everyone said if Bush gets re-elected, it will be "Four more years of the same."  I would be thrilled with that.  But I can't help but think at the end of the next four years we will have way less.  Way less money in our pockets, way less new/existing jobs, way less personal freedoms, way less stature in eyes of the rest of the world -  just way less.  Prove me wrong, Mr. Bush.  Quit sending my money to your Saudi buddies, quit sending our tax dollars to Iraq, quit sending our jobs and personal information overseas.

Just one comic's views.  I'm going back to bed.  I knew November was gonna suck... 


October 30, 2004

WOW!  Last night was the best show at Wiley's in a long time, perhaps even ever!  Pat Godwin and Todd Yohn together on the same stage!  To top that off (not that it needs any toppings at all), add a visit/spontaneous performance from the legendary Heywood Banks, and the show is over the top!  3 singer/songwriter/comics for the price of one... ah, the value!  These guys are all tremendous talents, and I would heartily recommend seeing any or all of them individually.  But seeing them together was awesome!  Tons of interplay via the off-stage mic made for the utmost in unpredictability.  The show ended with the three lyrical titans doing their tribute thing to Bob Dylan.  Tribute, blatant fun-making - you be the judge.  Look for some exciting and unusual photos/videos of the guys here and on WTUE's web site.  I know it's been a while, but new photos, videos and streaming audio is coming soon - I PROMISE!


August 22, 2004

What fun it was!  Steve Iott just finished a week at Wiley's Comedy Club.  He's one of their favorites, and he's one of mine too.  First off, he's funny as shit.  But the best part is, each show is completely different because of his improv with the crowd.  Steve handles a crowd like no one else.  From his signature inflections to his quick-witted retorts, Steve draws from his vast interactive "vocabulary" to make each show a unique experience.  Audiences really seem to have a good time at Steve's shows.  Open Mic was a hoot too - if you haven't been to Wiley's Open Mic for a while, you should come in and check it out.  Keep your eye out for Raymond, the Oriental guy.  His act is SO bizarre I'm not sure if it's complete gibberish or complete genius.  "You make the call..."  Keep your eye on the "Hear Some" page of this site - I'm gonna add a couple of funny little short sets in the next few days.


May 19, 2004

Well, well, time marches on... And time has brought lots of updates to this site!  Check out all the new Audio files over in the "Hear Some" area.  Lot's of new media bits, ranging from Andrew Shaman's stand-up to some legendary phone calls.  Andrew's "phone" ego Desmond even helps out for a few hilarious calls.  Check them out today, all are in streaming MP3 format, so you can listen at your leisure online.  Oh, yeah, Kevin Naughton will be at Wiley's Thursday through Sunday, so make sure you see him - he's hilarious!  See y'all soon!  


April 28, 2004

"Does your dad go to Tijuana often, Johnny?"

"Yes, sir.  Every week," sobbed Johnny...

"Tell me everything, son..."

What a week it was!  Ron Shock... Rock-n-Roll!  I think I documented his time here fairly comprehensively... audio CD's, videotapes, still photos, digital voice recordings... what fun!  Best shows were Saturday night.  Did a couple of tight guest spots right before Ron went up.  Very fun.  Sunday night we had a crazy guy hijack the stage/mic just before Open Mic was to start.  He threatened the wait staff, a couple of open mic-ers - basically everybody in the room.  He literally would not get off stage.  Jimmy threw him out but he stormed back in.  He did about 15-20 minutes before the police arrived.  Oh, yeah, and he uh... sucked!  I've heard of trying to break into showbiz, but... I guess he did break into a show business... and he got booked the very same night!

Thanks for a GREAT week, Ron!

-- Andrew

April 21, 2004

Well, just got back from the 420 Show!  Turned out great!  Hope you were there.  Not as many came out as last year, but hell, it's Tuesday!  Weighing in at just under 3 hours, this marathon show featured comedy, video and fun.  Turk Babylon - (his real name?) and Banger had what I consider to have been the standout sets.  Jimmy was host extraordinaire.  Greg Lausch gave a strong set, and the night was capped off with the just-in-time arrival of Ron Shock.  Perfect end to a perfect show!  Gonna go sleep now!

-- Andrew

April 12, 2004

Another sleep in... tiring weekend!  Mike Armstrong was here all weekend with his good buddy Jay.  man, they are funny guys!  had a great time this weekend -  thanks, guys!  Sunday's Open Mic before the regular show was a HOOT... Getting ready for the upcoming 420 Show at Wiley's next week.  Be sure to check it out!  Gonna be a blast - with Ron Shock and Kenny Moore hosting.  Plus, my first CD, "Desmond Makes the Call" will be ON SALE after the 420 Show, so pick up a copy.  It's cheap and FUNNY!  Also, "Any Jim Breuer fans out there tonight?"  You've seen him on SNL, in the classic cult film "Half Baked", now see him LIVE in Dayton!  That's right, Jim Breuer and his Band, LIVE at Wiley's for ONE NIGHT ONLY - 2 shows, 8pm and 11pm!  Get your tickets ASAP, as they WILL sell out QUICKLY!


April 5, 2004

Wow!  Slept in today, man.  It was a great weekend!  Bill and Costaki.  These two guys are funny!  It was so cool to see Bill each night over the course of the week, and to see the different turns his jokes can take depending on what the audience throws his way.  He is hilarious!  And like Bill, Costaki was trying out all kinds of new material, as well as satisfying our jones for his established classics.  He has been and continues to write and work with Caroline Rhea.  Costaki is one of the great joke writers of our generation, and has a finesse about him that lets him say virtually anything he wants without turning the audience.  And so many of his jokes are truth revealers - I love that!  Thanks, guys, for a great week!  Oh, yeah, I still don't like to say the word "breakfast"...

And a "shout out" to the Sunday Night UD Girls - thanks for coming out and see you on 420 Night!  

Gearing up for the 420 Show at Wiley's - make sure you don't miss it!  There's a great lineup, and a very *special* headliner...Oh yeah, and I'm in the final (grueling) stages of putting together my first CD, so buy one at the 420 Show!  ;^)

-- Andrew

March 15, 2004

Another great week of shows.  Don Reese was in town.  He's one of my favorites!  We share a fanatic love of the classic horror movies, so we always have a great time.  Don is very funny and you should check him out if he's gonna be near you.  Check out Don's web site for his schedule.  Thanks again for the "Ginat Spider" tape! Getting ready to host for Bill & Costaki in a couple of weeks...  Come on out and see us!  It'll be a great show... "Thanks, I'll be there all week!"

-- Andrew

March 6, 2004

Well, no Indiana show... not a big surprise - it was the 2nd week, and the bar owners thought it wouldn't happen again for a month or so... But soon is a week at Wiley's hosting for Bill Scott and Costaki Econompooulos... It's gonna be fun

-- Andrew

March 2, 2004

Well, well, well... You've found it!  My little home away from home.  Finally got the walls and roof up!  Some guys use the garage as a getaway; I use the web.

What a weekend!  Mike Lukas and John Evans just passed through Wiley's, leaving no stomach muscles safe from laughter pains.  These guys are nuts!  Prank phone calls, crazy videos, and rockin shows.  All this, and now I gotta go vote!

So they found evidence of water on Mars, and now they think there might have been life there at one time... Who cares?!?!  Do you ever get the feeling that we as a planet have some serious abandonment issues?  There's life all around us right here on this planet, if we don't kill it all off...

Getting ready to try out a "new" comedy venue in Richmond, Indiana.  Looking forward to leaving the state for a night.  Find out more here.  Thanks for visiting and check back soon as more features are being added every day.

-- Andrew

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